What do we do?

Every Daughter Matters is in partnership with Aashish (Blessings) Social Service Nepal. Their goals are Interrupt Evil and Provide Hope through Prevention, Protection and Empowerment.


  • Bus Park surveillance
  • Border intervention (interception)
  • Counselling


  • Grace Shelter Homes (safe houses for rescued girls)
  • Rehabilitation Centres where they receive skills training & ongoing counselling enabling them to return home or become independent


  • educating local communities with anti-trafficking material and street dramas
  • providing skills and income generating training including a micro-enterprise business programme for girls who have been rescued

Aashish (Blessings) Social Service Nepal has a UNIQUE and DISTINCTIVE approach to trafficking.

It seeks to IDENITFY and INTERCEPT vulnerable girls BEFORE they are trafficked across the border into India.

By working with the bus companies and local police, Aashish (Blessings) Social Service Nepal’s border staff and counsellors are able to identify young girls whose situations appear questionable and ask appropriate questions regarding their reasons for travel and who is accompanying them.

These interviews are conducted discreetly and give Aashish (Blessings) Social Service Nepal counsellors the opportunity to assess whether a potential trafficking scenario exists.  Where the counsellor determines there is a threat, the girl is counselled accordingly and offered immediate support including involvement of law enforcement agencies.

Aashish (Blessings) Social Service Nepal interviews approximately 45 girls every month in one bus park alone!

In the fight against human trafficking, INTERCEPTION is a powerful, productive and life-changing weapon!