Missing abducted women & children feared trafficked across the Nepal/Indian border.

Just a bunch of numerals that define the story. Numbers that can move despair to hope, that stand between slavery and freedom.

A jumbled-up pile of digits hang in the space between beating hearts and statistics.

Let me explain:

In Nepal, despair is counted in the thousands, 12,000 to be exact.

Chew on that figure long enough, and it shape-shifts from disbelief through despair into deep-seated disgust.

12,000 is the rather conservative estimate of girls trafficked out of Nepal each year. Stolen, sold and ruined.

Let’s break it down:

12,000 a year becomes 1,000 a month… which looks like 250 girls a week, each and every week, gone!!

250 smiles disappeared, daughters lost.

Please don’t stop reading yet; keep going… push past the discomfort… stay with me…

250 a week becomes 35 a day.

That’s a whole classroom full, each day, every day, day in, day out. That’s “bye bye mumma” in the morning to never come home again—horror at its peak! Children tricked, tempted, stolen, gone.

But hang on, what if we could do this math another way? Flip the script, bring back the light…

Let’s begin instead by counting border guards. Let’s stretch these ones with willing hearts and able hands across the 1758km border between Nepal and India.

With them, these border guards, let’s weave a net to catch these at-risk ones before they cross into this other space before they’re lost.

Watch what happens, how now the numbers begin to run in reverse…

Let’s start with one… one girl stopped, caught in the net, apprehended, saved, rescued.

This One, this precious heart, once saved, is like a match. It sparks the wildfire of hope and spreads across the fault line between the realms of safe and lost. Maybe we can change this story? Perhaps there is a way?!

Now our net gets bigger… With intention, we link arms and hearts, and 1 becomes 3.

Today, I wake to know 3 will be gathered in our net. Held back from the edge of hopelessness, offered help and healing and a brighter tomorrow… today I wake and 3 are safe.

3 a day is 21 a week. 21 daughters, sisters, friends to breath out, lean in, laugh, and love… 21 saved this week… our net is growing.

21 a week means 84 a month, just short of 100 daughters who get a chance, lives snatched back from the darkness.

This net of ours is vital; it’s caught almost 1,000 hearts this year… 1000 lives handed back the hope that was all but lost.

Hope starts with one, catching one…

One by one, we walk this out. One more donation is one more border guard. One more checkpoint. One more space that’s prepped to save.

Save not just one, but 3 or 21, or 84… or even 1,000s… Day in, day out, year in year out.

This math takes one…and multiplies it by the square root of hope itself, turning the rescue of just one into freedom for many.

That one, in Nepal, is a daughter, a border guard… an agency… a network…

That one over this side of the globe is one person, one heart and one set of hands to set in motion a process that spreads life and tells these stories of the hearts elsewhere… and in doing so, compassion is born and provision is sourced. These ones here hold those hearts there. Together we build that net and catch those girls and send them home with heads held high and life renewed.

It’s a numbers game, really… and it starts with one.

Every Daughter Matters co-laborers with local NFP organisations in Nepal to make the most of the resources given and increase their impact on the lives of Nepalese Women.

Article written by Aimee McCloskey.

Aimee McCloskey is a mum, a blogger and a great advocate for Every Daughter Matters. With four precious daughters of her own, her heart resonates with the work we’re doing.