Every Daughter Matters

holds tightly to every person’s fundamental right to

dignity, respect and value.

We believe human dignity originates from God, all human beings have intrinsic worth and value and this dignity is not based on any human quality, legal mandate, or individual merit or accomplishment.

The United Nations defines human trafficking as the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring, or receipt of persons by improper means (such as force, abduction, fraud, or coercion) for an improper purpose including labour exploitation, organ harvesting or sexual exploitation.

Human trafficking is an evil that erodes personal dignity, shatters lives and destroys the moral fabric of society.  It is an affront to true humanity, a blight on human civilization.

Trafficking in Nepal

The 1,758 kilometre border between Nepal and India has always been known as one of the busiest human trafficking gateways in the world.

Nepalese victims are plunged into the world of human trafficking in different ways. Many hope to find jobs as domestic workers in India or Gulf countries but end up being trafficked and raped in brothels abroad. Others find themselves working in sweat shops, circuses or on construction sites in bonded labour. Many others fall prey to one of the most horrific forms of trafficking – organ harvesting.

What drives trafficking?

Approximately 38% of the population in Nepal live on or below the poverty line.

Trafficking has become a low-risk and highly lucrative business, which incentivizes traffickers to recruit girls, even when they are family members.

As a generalisation, women in Nepal have fewer opportunities for education, job training, and employment than men. Boys are valued as assets but girls can be viewed as financial burdens because they will eventually be married off to serve another family, and that after paying a substantial dowry.

Poor families in these situations sometimes sell their daughters to traffickers or often send them off at a young age to work so they can send money back to the family so they can survive.

It is a vicious cycle.


Because we believe every daughter is PRICELESS and is deserving of respect, dignity and value, Every Daughter Matters is committed to seeing the trade of young Nepali women and girls interrupted and ultimately eradicated.
We invite you to join us in ending this evil and help bring healing and hope to Nepal’s daughters. Our partnership together has the potential of intercepting and assisting hundreds of innocent girls each month.

How can we NOT take a stand against such evil?

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