It’s a Numbers Game

2021-07-16T14:46:10+10:00July 16th, 2021|Human Trafficking|

Just a bunch of numerals that define the story. Numbers that can move despair to hope, that stand between slavery and freedom. A jumbled-up pile of digits hang in the space between beating hearts and statistics.

Helping Hands

2021-07-16T14:47:18+10:00January 22nd, 2021|Human Trafficking|

Kissed my blonde haired blue eyed little miss on the head again just now and sent her back to bed. It's the 4th time she’s bounced back out to see me again tonight. Relentless and all fizz and bubble as she’s realised that Christmas is not so far away and wish lists are in order.

Exciting News in Thori!

2021-07-16T14:51:13+10:00October 15th, 2020|Human Trafficking|

Within the next week or so we will open a new Border Surveillance Booth with our Nepali Partner organisation, Aashish Social Service Nepal (ASSN), in a place called Thori.  Thori is situated right on the border of India and Nepal and because people can come and go freely, without any checks, it is a haven for traffickers. 

Sex Trafficking: Sex Trade in Nepal

2021-07-16T14:55:04+10:00September 14th, 2020|Human Trafficking|

The documentary provides an insight into border surveillance, interception and the rehabilitation of girls who have been rescued and exemplifies the kind of work Every Daughter Matters is facilitating through its partnership with Aashish Social Service Nepal (ASSN).

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