There are six people in my family. My father is paralysed. My mother works as a labourer to feed us. I stopped going to school in Grade 4 so I could work in the fields to help feed my family.
One day, a lady visited us as we were working. She looked wealthy and flashy. When we took a break she asked me why I looked so unhappy.
I told her about my family situation and how my dream was to earn good money to educate my younger brother and sister and take care of my parents. She was very caring towards me and said she could get me a high paying job in India. She said she would buy me a bus ticket but not to tell anyone. She gave me the contact details of the people who would meet me in India.
I got up very early one morning and went to Butwal Bus park where there was a ticket waiting for me. Thankfully, the staff of Aashish Social Service Nepal (ASSN) saw me and enquired about my situation. I soon understood I was about to be a victim of sex trafficking. I am so grateful to ASSN for rescuing me.

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